Do not cut Ames High/Ames Middle School Band staff numbers

Do not cut Ames High/Ames Middle School Band staff numbers

May 11, 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by mary Sprouse

Parents and students at Ames High and Ames Middle Schools were recently informed that the school board intends to remove one full-time position from the band staff. Over the years this band has meant many things to many students of Ames High.  It's been a place to develop talent and find new friends.  A place to belong and find comfort for so many kids. 

Please join me in asking the Ames School board to reconsider this decision and keep the band that we are so proud of staffed at its current level.

The school board is likely to discuss this at the meeting on May 16th at 6:30. They can be contacted directly at

For more information please see the letter below:

Here's an important letter about the future of the Band Program, from the directors:

Ames Band Department - Impact Statement

Proposed Reduction of 1.0 Full Time Employee Band Staff in grades 6-12 – Spring 2022

We have recently been informed that the ACSD district administration is using an “evidence-based staffing model” that shows that we are over-staffed in band instruction. While it is true that most high schools in Iowa with 1,400 students do not have 3.0 FTE band directors – Our school has an exceptionally high participation rate in band for a school of 1,400 students. 18% of AHS students are in the band program. This is not common in other schools and has been a point of pride for our High School and community.

This proposed staffing reduction will create an increased student to teacher ratio. This means that students will receive less instructional time with a band instructor in band lessons. 

The opportunity to provide individual student assessments will be reduced.

The core of the Ames band program has always been band lesson instruction in addition to large group rehearsals. This staffing model is why our students consistently perform at very high levels, including a high number of All-State Band acceptance rates.  

There is a perception that most of our band students take private lessons at ISU or in the community. This is not the case. Very few students study privately. ISU professors are great instructors, but charge a high amount for lessons. Many students and/or parents are unable to afford lessons with ISU professors.

This proposal will force sharing of an instructor between the middle school building and high school building. This will result in 30 minutes of travel time. Travel time is a loss of instructional time.

This reduction in staff will cause a loss of flexibility in scheduling high school and middle school classes.


Ames High School and Middle School Band Staff

Andrew Buttermore, Paul Tallman,

Chris Ewan, Peter Thompson

Nick Gardner, Conner Tipping

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Signatures: 1,022Next Goal: 1,500
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