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Petitioning LA City Attorney

Do Not Criminalize Our Communities! Do Not Criminalize Resistance!


Please sign the petition below to send a message to the officials of the City of Los Angeles that you will stand in solidarity with the 33 demonstators, their actions, and their message of justice as they face criminal charges.

Letter to
LA City Attorney
Do Not Criminalize our Communities! Do Not Criminalize Resistance!

Four hundred thousand people have been deported in 2009 alone, and this year the number of deportations is projected to set a record high. Deportations, detentions, and other draconian anti-immigrant laws such as Arizona’s SB1070 have created an atmosphere of terror for millions of undocumented people living in this country. Many people live in fear daily, while politicians score political points in a climate of bigotry and xenophobia.

The demonstrators arrested in acts of civil disobedience in Los Angeles against SB1070 and the criminalization of our communities, along with those arrested in support of the DREAM Act and a pathway for legalization for undocumented youth, believe in the words of Dr. King, that “it is our moral responsibility to disobey unjust laws.”

Now, the demonstrators find themselves the targets of a politicized prosecution that seeks to criminalize dissent at a moment when dissent is most necessary. For their decision to stand peacefully for justice, they have been threatened with the possibility of a year in jail.

We stand in solidarity with the demonstrators, their actions, and their message of justice and legalization for immigrants. We demand that LA City officials oppose the City Attorney’s attempts to criminalize and harshly punish those that stand up for justice.