DO NOT Cancel MLBB Project NEXT Talent System Revamp

DO NOT Cancel MLBB Project NEXT Talent System Revamp

3 September 2022
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Why this petition matters

Started by Boba Meow YT

The players of MLBB have been waiting for the revamp of the emblem system (aka the talent system) to finally release in the original server after months of testing in the advance server since April 2022, which means the test has already taken place in the advance server for about 5 months. 

What does this mean?

  1. Players had plenty of time to test the talent system in advance server, if not watch various tutorials or explanation videos on social media platforms like Tiktok and Youtube.
  2. The developers had plenty of time to carry out testing and able to further simplify the talent system to make it comprehensible even to new players.
    For instance, at the initial April release, there are too many screens and windows that are indeed confusing. However, as the time passes, Moonton has implemented a "lite version" option for the talent system, in which it appears to be similar to the equipment system (only 1 screen which is easily adjustable and very much less complicated)

Hence, there are not many valid reasons for the system to be too complicated and not able to be understood by casual players.

So why the backlash? Possible reasons:

  1. Players who got the chance to participate in the Beta test was not aware of the new system OR did not pay enough attention on the changes. As a result, when they are invited to join the test for the new system, they are not able to adapt
  2. Players do not have an option to participate or to quit the Beta test. As a result, they are forced to part with their friends and cannot match up or rank together due to being in different servers. Because of that, players are angry or disappointed and weren't able to judge the system's pros and cons rationally

However we cannot dispute the fact that some players might find the system a little complicated so they complained while got undergoing the  Beta test. Let me tell you a history of MLBB: back then, the jungling and roaming systems were revamped, majority of the players were unsatisfied with the removal of those related items, however as the time passes, players have accepted the changes and moved on. Now, MLBB has become pretty successful in terms of items management. In comparison to the pre-revamp jungling and roaming system, junglers/roamers no longer have to waste a slot for an extra item, but now they have active skills or enhanced retribution to play a prominent role in team fights. Today, we see nobody complaining about the jungling and roaming boots being bad

From the incident above, we can say that trying is not a bad thing, and Moonton has done that before, so they can do it again. 

The developers have spent a lot of effort in planning, designing, balancing the new talent system for 5 months in the advance server to bring us a good gaming experience, be it in the visual aspect or the battlefield aspect. We should appreciate their hard work in ensuring the talent system not be too overpowered when it launches globally, instead of letting all the hard work in designing go to waste entirely.

Let us show the developers how excited we are on the new talent system and our appreciation by signing the petition. With this, we can prove that we hope this system will come to the original server and the Project NEXT for September 2022 will not be scrapped.

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Signatures: 988Next Goal: 1,000
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