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Freedom watch is among the top-rated programs to watch at primetime on the FOX business network. Millions of people watch this program every weekday. FBN is preparing to replace Freedom Watch with re-runs of some of their lesser-known programming. Please join us and sign the petition to BRING BACK FREEDOM WATCH! If we don't stand up to them, Stossel will be next...

Letter to
VP of Advertising Sales at FOX Business Network John McCann
Executive VP of Corporate Relations Brian Lewis
FBN Executive VP Kevin Magee
and 2 others
Assistant to FOX CEO Roger Ailes Gena Dellaquila
Senior VP of Media Relations at FBN Irena Briganti
This is a message from all of the fans of one of your top-rated programs:

Freedom watch with Judge Napolitano.
Millions around the country tune in to hear the state of our country and threats to our American freedom every day of the week to Freedom Watch. All of the fans of this show immediately became aware of the news. No one wants this show cancelled, and due to it being one of your most popular, truthful show--you should NOT cancel this program. Judge Andrew Napolitano is one of the only remaining preachers of freedom and liberty on television today. Please know that the only reason most people ever tune into FOX Business Network is to watch this very show. Please do not cancel freedom watch, freedom watch is my favorite program to watch on TV.

A frustrated viewer of Freedom Watch

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