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Do not approve Merlone Geier's Phase II Project without a feasible shared parking policy in place for the Milk Pail.

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We expect  the largest development project in the San Antonio Change Area to follow Mountain View's own General Plan 2030 !  (For details, see San Antonio Change Area ) 

1)  "A village center is typically a neighborhood shopping center with stores and services for local residents.  Village centers support diverse local businesses and services, are places to socialize, and may offer different goods and services for specific community needs. ".   

The Milk Pail is a wonderful example of the core of a village center. San Antonio's diverse community needs this  business.

2) LUD 21.1 Support a mix of commercial land uses serving the neighborhood and the region.

The Milk Pail is already a regional draw that already benefits the entire San Antonio Center. The council needs to actively support this longstanding local business that is threatened with closure due to the neighboring re-development plans.

3) "(In 2030), San Antonio Center, the core of the area is a regional and local draw with its housing and stores, services and restaurants. Walkable blocks and streets oriented to pedestrians are punctuated by plazas and the Hetch Hetchy right-of-way."

This balance of local and regional serving businesses is specified for the center itself.  

4) "Site use and building design well coordinated across parcels at the San Antonio Center."

The most obvious coordination is shared parking and easy access among all the businesses within the center, as is the case with all the other area regional shopping centers, such as Stanford Shopping Center and Santana Row.  Forcing patrons to drive from one merchant to another within the center makes no business sense and is contrary to the City's walkability goals. 

Any development in this area should stay true to the General Plan.  A regional center should have efficiently shared parking among its tenants. We therefore urge the Mountain View City Council to impose a continuation of the existing shared parking policy with the Milk Pail as a condition for approval of the Merlone-Geier Phase II Project.

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