Do not allow uss to be swept under the rug

Do not allow uss to be swept under the rug

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Why this petition matters

 help  Raise awareness on children and families who are victims to the super rich and wealthy who use government entities to expert there power over the poor.

My story ...

I am trying to appeal I can't get ahold of my court appointed attorney I can't hire one because I'm appointed one the final decree was sighned Feb 3rd eny help advice recommendations are much needed and welcomed namaste � Please I am begging you � Please just a moment of your time Case number -2020-01267J- also case file before they took my babies - 21781078 May I please continue babies were kidnapped separated put on psychotropic medication and completely cut off from eny and all contact or communication from eaveryone they know. There is more it is a sick twisted nightmare I have been living in for past 14 month. I have reached out and received responses from senators governors attorney General commissioners,internal affairs, board of judicial misconduct however nobody does nothing . I mean what has happened to me my babies is I sometimes don't Believe it myself.Please I just miss my babies my heart is s bleeding for them this is not ok .I'm not as rich or successful as these other people but that does not give enyone the right to do what has been done to my family My children have been forced to go threw tramatic experience of loseing eaveryone they know how is that ok what kind of people take no consideration for the feelings and emotional trama on a 5 and 6 year old for there own personal wants .me and my son and my daughter were all we got and we're liveing in a nightmare and nobody will help The judge dismissed my lawyer and reset the court date!!!!! If I would of had my lawyer the judge would of never been able to sign a order to remove my son and daughter.They were home !!! Safe and happy and in school and more than loved and taken care of.If I would of had a lawyer the judge would of never been able to put a no contact order.

My son my baby my heart he is only 7 there is nothing wrong with my baby God please someone do something this is absurd. They have put him in a  therapeutic foster home for all boys); he is with a Foster father

He is specialized level of care

SGuanfacine Tab 1mg 2x daily; Quillichew 20mg; Desmopressin 0.2mg 

daily; Remeron 15mg daily; 

He had a medication review on 11-2-21; they discontinued the Hydroxine  reffered to Texas Children’s Psychiatry Dept for medication 

management & Psychology for continued therapy 

In the beginning i knew something was wrong but I was the bad guy and eaveryone else was the good guy but look there dad's cousin Erica Nicole mares O'Farrell  paid a quarter million on unsuccessful invetro she is married to Christopher O'farrell  first mayor of Friendswood the bought my kids then didn't want them and the judge not wanting to feel guilty about the trama caused by all this decided to convince herself I deserved to lose my babies and visously pursued termination I need help  cps was just the means used by these people.Erica Nicole mares O'Farrell ,Chris O'Farrell and O'Farrell properties relating to adoption or  family law :Leah Shapiro,Dena fisher,or 315 court district.Case # 2020-01267J 

79 have signed. Let’s get to 100!