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Do not rezone the Westside of Hood River

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The Hood River city council and planning department are currently researching the possibility of rezoning (or up-zone) the Westside of Hood River, and possibly beyond, to allow for higher density housing to be built above what is currently planned.  

The target area includes approximately 450 acres within Hood River city and county and consists of 577 lots/parcels including developed neighborhoods, vacant and partially vacant lands from Rand to Frankton, Cascade to Belmont and beyond. There currently is no public vote slated.  The plan approval will be decided upon by only 14 people: the Planning Commission and the City Council members.   Opting in with an email will allow us to contact you with additional information.  

The city and planning department has been meeting for a long time regarding this measure and although they have been open to the public, they were not highly communicated.  The next meeting will be August 16th. There is also a parks and recreation meeting that evening as well. 

  • There is currently a 20-year zoning plan in place that allows for growth within the boundary area already at a 2% per year increase which historically is how the population has grown. 
  • The recent Housing Needs Analysis does NOT say that we have inadequate land for needed housing under the present zoning.  It says we have enough, without ANY change in zoning, across ALL income levels.
  • Under current Oregon law, a small city under 25,000 population would not be required to up-zone even if a shortage of needed lad had been found, which it was not.
  • Changing the existing zoning potentially could create 1,831 homes.  This does not take into consideration planned unit developments or accessory dwelling units which could increase this number.  This will drastically change the look and feel of the entire Westside and will affect all of Hood River's infrastructure
  • This plan does not define what "affordable housing" is, nor how they plan to achieve it.
  • There is no guarantee of parks -- it is just a concept of which the elements may or may not happen or be maintained. 
  • The School District has said they have no plan for another school in their budget.

The committee continues to call this an “affordable housing plan” however it's really a “high-density plan”. Currently, there is no plan for government subsidized housing in the concept plan.

While the grant document states the primary goal of the project is to provide affordable multi-family housing, there is NO guarantee the developers would develop and sell anything less than current market pricing (take a look at current building projects around town and the prices they are selling at).

There is no guarantee these homes will not be purchased by investors and people looking for second homes.

These new houses will be listed at market value and will be priced based on demand. Hood River is a desirable place for people to own real estate if they are able to do so.  It has become a year-round destination place for biking, skiing, wind sports, wine tasting, weddings, hiking, SUPing, boating, the list goes on and on.

With the increase of supply, there is no plan for the increase of traffic, parking, fire or police due to the new homes and the population/people count and cars that come with that. And what will the impact to our ecosystem be?

  • for downtown, 
  • along Cascade (the plan includes a traffic light at Cascade and Mt. Adams, but no widening of the road), 
  • the Waterfront area including the Event Site, 
  • Post Canyon, other recreation sites
  • gas station lines, Safeway, the list goes on and on…

This will change this little town forever.

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