Tell McDonald's: Do Better For Chickens

Although I am a vegan myself, I recognize that it will take an eternity if not longer for the world to become vegan. So I join my voice in at least trying to improve conditions of life for our fellow sentient beings who we brutally murder to satisfy our misguided and unfortunately depraved cravings and appetites. The entire process of eating the flesh of others is truly revolting to me and to many others who have taken the time to examine the brainwashing that occurs in our culture, which is quite similar to that of the brainwashing into racism. Speciesism is also a great evil. However, until we have succeeded in re educating ourselves, at least we should try to remove gross negligence and gratuitous violence and cruelty from what is euphemistically called our "food" chain.

Natalia Vann, Washington, MA, United States
2 months ago
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