The DNV Is Losing Trees!

The DNV Is Losing Trees!

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Avril Whitney started this petition to DNV Mayor and City Council (District of North Vancouver)

*Urgent* We are losing our urban forest!

Did you know? The bylaw was changed in 2012 to no longer protect large diameter trees in the District of North Vancouver. 

Every day trees are being cut down in the DNV because there are no longer any bylaws protecting trees on private property. For over 25 years there was a bylaw protecting the mature trees throughout the District, even on private land. What happened? We need bylaw protection back before we lose our urban forest. 

Trees like the one recently cut down at 4818 Shirley Avenue (see picture) are not replaceable. But there was nothing to stand in the way of it's loss. 

It never used to be "the norm" for a developer to take down all the mature trees on a property and build a huge house. That is not environmentally sustainable. Yet, we see it all the time now. 

Especially in this time of climate crisis, the preservation of established trees that are supporting the environment needs to be prioritized. Chopping and replanting is not good enough. 

A new bylaw would NOT restrict the average home owner. They would still be free to remove trees if necessary - for example if they are unhealthy or causing other issues. But with no bylaw, we see the untimely removal of healthy trees that are needed for both their beauty and practical contribution. 

You may have noticed, there is huge trend towards offshore developers buying older homes with established trees. As the older cross-section of the population downsize, sell, and move out, the developers are moving in. Virtually none of the mature trees on such lots survive, further depleting our urban forest. 

Don't let the District of North Vancouver suffer the same fate of other municipalities that did not protect their trees in time. Surrey, Langley, Vancouver, and even the City of North Vancouver have seen a radical decline in their urban forest.

This is not just an issue for "tree huggers". In a very practical way the DNV needs the trees is has. Together we can protect them. If you have been heart-broken to see trees cut in your neighborhood or fear the loss of more trees that have been bought by property developers, you are not alone! Join your voices together - they can make a huge difference! (Have a look at 'Save our Cedar' at and on Facebook) Change can happen!

Acton to Take:

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Email the Mayor and Council - they need to hear from us (emails listed below)

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Copy and paste the above list to email them all at once or choose individual names. The more emails sent, the better. 

Even if you do not live in the District please sign the petition! All voices for the trees count and make a difference!

If you would like more information please email Avril at 

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