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Tom Perez: Fire Sexual Harasser Stephen Bittel from DNC Rules Commitee By 1/18; hire Zogby

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Democrat Stephen Bittel was forced to resign from his position as Florida Democratic Party Chair in November 2017 due to multiple, credible accusations of serially harassing at least six women in the party and in his office.

From The Orlando Sentinel:

"A Politico report published Friday detailed claims from six anonymous former staffers and consultants that he made inappropriate comments, ogled them and invited them to his house and onto his private jet. He also kept breast-shaped stress balls at his desk, which he said was a gag gift from a female former general counsel.
No one accused Bittel of physically groping or assaulting them, but the environment he created made women feel uncomfortable.

One woman called him “creepy,” and another said “there was always a lot of boob stuff in his office,” according to the Politico story. Yet another woman said Bittel was “very demeaning” and cited his inappropriate comments, especially about women’s breasts, as the reason she left.

“The biggest thing I will say is that it became a policy that women, especially junior staff, were never to be left alone with him in his office, plane or house,” one of the women told Politico."

Tom Perez, head of the DNC, former civil rights attorney and US Secretary of Labor, refuses to fire Bittel from the DNC Rules Committee, whom he appointed before the scandal emerged. Mr. Perez is, at minimum, knowingly maintaining a hostile work environment for the female employees at the DNC, as well as inviting lawsuits the DNC can little afford. Given his expertise in civil rights and labor, Mr. Perez should not have to be persuaded to fire Mr. Bittel, who admitted his actions and resigned from his position as FL Party Chair due to them. Action should already have been taken and the fact that it hasn't calls Mr. Perez' judgment seriously into question. Mr. Perez is remiss in his duties and must not wait one moment longer to fire Mr. Bittel from the DNC.

Mr. Perez states on his website "Tom has never shied away from a challenge." Unless the challenge is to fire a powerful Democratic serial harasser who resigned from his one of his positions in disgrace, apparently. Do the right thing, Mr. Perez. #FireBittel

We demand Mr. Bittel be fired from the DNC (in every capacity) before the Rules Committee meets on January 19 to consider adopting the recommendations of the Unity Reform Commission.

In addition, we demand Mr. Perez hire Mr. James Zogby onto the Rules Committee to replace Mr. Bittel in a gesture of good faith.

#FireBittel #HireZogby

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