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Progressive Voices for Sam Ronan as DNC Chair

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Sam Ronan has only been on a national stage for a couple weeks now and has expressed the feelings of movement in a way few others have. He has shown true leadership at a time when millions of progressives, millennials and working class Americans so badly need a leader with the courage to say the things that need to be said but everyone else seems afraid to say. 

The Democratic party has lost up and down the ballot for decades, taking a beating in nearly every election cycle since the 90s at the federal, state and local levels while the people seem to be with the party in theory on the issues. Problem is the people are with the party in theory, but the party has not been with the people on those issues outside of campaign speeches. Once in office the party machine puts money issues ahead of peoples issues. And yes the people have noticed. 

Upon entering the race Sam Ronan wrote “I am stating, unequivocally, that the Democratic Party made a grievous mistake in shunning the ideals and passions of the ‘bernicrats’ and ‘millennial‘ base, which they took for granted. The Democratic Party, instead of embracing the exuberance of youth, reprimanded their excitement for not having it directed in a manner that ‘they’ saw fit"

Ronan has called for holding Democratic leaders accountable and making necessary changes to the DNC to make progressives feel represented rather than resented. 

Sam Ronan as much as anybody in the race can bring the fractured base back together or the party runs the risk of losing an entire generation of voters along with labor and their left flank. The ball is in their court, does the party want to become viable again or do they want to keep pretending that half of their base doesnt matter and will fall in line anyway. 

Sam is a millennial, he is a veteran and activist. He filled a need for more young progressives running for office as he ran for state office and saw first hand how progressives are treated in the party. As I draft this petition he is on his way back to Standing Rock for the 2nd time with the Veterans to stand with the Water Protectors. 

We as progressives stand together and ask the party to pick a leader who can bring us back together. One who can return the party of the people, to the people on the issues and in so doing lead the party back into power on all levels of government. We as progressives ask for Sam Ronan to lead our party back to prominence. 

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