DNC Delegates & Super Delegates: Only Bernie can defeat Trump

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DNC Delegates & Super Delegates: Only Bernie can defeat Trump

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(First, we MUST have a roll call vote, all the Democrats who cast their votes for a candidate and in turn voted in delegates to cast that vote at the DNC MUST be heard and recorded. This is democratic.)

Bernie Sanders is simply the best candidate to beat Donald Trump; Delegates and Super Delegates please cast your votes accordingly. An average of the entire summary of all polling data compiled over the course of the election confirms this: 

Do Democrats REALLY want to Win the White House?
The Democratic Party claims that Winning the White House is their top priority, along with defeating Trump. It's time to look at the facts and look at who is the best candidate to achieve these goals; goals taken straight from the DNC.

Case in point #1: When Bernie addressed the House of Representatives to  explain that "it's not about winning, it's about transforming America," he was booed by Democratic members of Congress who believe they have no power to transform America unless they win elections. Bernie Booed by House Democrats

Case in point #2. Democrats also believe our main goal is to defeat Trump, i.e. win elections.  Their messaging is solely, WE MUST DEFEAT TRUMP. 

Those two points have the Democratic Party freaking out after, to their surprise, Hillary's polling went DOWN after Bernie endorsed her. Democrats Freaked Out About Polls

Emails sent from DCCC after Bernie's endorsement
Three desperate emails were sent out in one day following Bernie's endorsement only to find Hillary's polling against Trump showed her LOSING ground, especially in three key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania showing them being completely terrified over the lack of "unity" as Sanders supporters fail to fall in line behind Hillary claiming:

"After Bernie’s call for unity yesterday, we just figured Democrats would...well...unify.
But instead, everything is falling apart.
FIRST: We heard barely a peep from grassroots Democrats.
THEN: A Quinnipiac poll showed Trump and Clinton tied in OH, FL, and PA.*
NOW:  We’re questioning whether the Democratic Party can unify at all."

Polling prior to Bernie's endorsement, June 21st vs. after, July 13th:
*(note that the states are not all 'tied' as the DCCC claims):

FL:  Clinton 47 - Trump 39 -----> Clinton 39 - Trump 42
OH: Clinton 40 - Trump 40 ------> Clinton 41 - Trump 41
PA: Clinton 42 - Trump 41 ------> Clinton 41 - Trump 43

June 21st vs. July 13th, as well as virtually EVERY POLL conducted between Sanders and Trump, Bernie wins nationally every time (as stated in beginning):

FL: Sanders 45 - Trump 39 ------> Clinton 47 - Trump 39
OH:Sanders 48 - Trump 38 ------> Clinton 40 - Trump 40
PA: Sanders 47 - Trump 40 ------> Clinton 42 - Trump 41

13 million votes for Bernie Sanders were cast from demographics who are largely composed of people who simply refuse to vote for Hillary OR Trump. 
And some of them rather vote for Trump INSTEAD of Hillary! This is a stark reality that the Democratic Party must come to grips with if they not only want to put a Democrat in the White House in January, but elect Democrats in Primaries across our nation in November. Are you willing to lose the White House (as well as Congress) and suffer a loss that allows the potential for a President Trump?

Dr. Cornel West is now endorsing Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton
Most Bernie supporters are Dr. Cornel West supporters. He makes a compelling argument to his supporters on why Hillary, nor Trump, is a viable choice. How many of those 13 million will follow West? How many will vote Trump? How many will write in Bernie or simply stay home? Are Democrats willing to risk losing over this?

So, do Democrats REALLY want to Win the White House?
Then maybe it's time for DNC Delegates and  Super Delegates to rethink who their nominee will be in order to achieve that victory. 

Bernie Sanders is simply the best candidate to beat Donald Trump; Delegates and Super Delegates please cast your votes accordingly.

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