Duration of bond to be 1 year

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Respected Madam/Sir

The imposition of three years bond post specialisation is detrimental to us doctors as well to patients as any man forced to serve beyond his wishes cannot do so to the best of his abilities.

Also, the objective in requesting a one year bond is not to escape serving the society but only to enhance our knowledge to serve it better.

As such most of us are willing to serve in state run hospitals for a period of one year.

This will be in the best interests of both the serving doctors as well as the state as
the majority of candidates are willing to serve the state for a period of one year, for the interest of public health care, as well as personal experience, as specialists.

If this time period is acceptable in place of a three year bond, successive batches can carry out the bond without stress or duress, while ensuring due patient care as well as have an opportunity for higher educations.

Therefore we would like you to consider this appeal and reduce the bond posting to a period of one year.