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Save Señor Dure

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Many students at Winchester High School are disheartened by the news of Señor Dure's dismissal. We are creating this petition in hopes of reinstating Señor Dure, as we believe that he has made an overwhelmingly positive impact on the students of Winchester High School, and the school’s atmosphere as a whole. Over the past 5 months, he has not only taught his students the necessary curriculum for the class but also about current events and history within Latin America. He shows students why learning the inner workings of the culture is so important in understanding the language. Señor Dure also recognizes that his students are young adults about to go out on their own in the world, so he understands the importance of teaching life lessons as well. Señor Dure’s experiences living in Haiti, and later becoming an immigrant in America, offer a unique perspective on life to which the students at Winchester High School would not otherwise be exposed. In addition, Señor Dure genuinely cares about the students at Winchester High School. Once, Señor Dure surprised his students by bringing in muffins for them to enjoy. When he noticed a student was absent that day, he wanted to make sure that they were included, so he not only bought one for them but for their friends as well who are not in his class. Señor Dure’s care extends to all students at Winchester High School, not just the ones in his class. He remembers little details about everyone he interacts with, whether they're a student or just someone he's briefly spoken to in the hallway once before. He always asks how the student’s family is, how that concert from weeks ago was, etc. He is extremely enthusiastic and will often say he's happy to see a student when they walk into the classroom, making them feel welcome and like a valuable member of the class. Señor Dure is easy to talk to and that is why many students do well in his class, as he makes it easy to ask questions and tell him when a student is not understanding something. It would be a shame to see one of the funniest, nicest, and most diverse teachers at the high school leave. In creating and signing this petition, we hope to show that all of the positive comments people have to say about him outweigh whatever very few negative ones there may be. We hope that his dismissal will be reviewed and reconsidered.

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