Keep swimmers safe in Crystal Beach

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Please sign my petition to keep more people from drowning.  Nothing has been done in 21 months

Dear Town of Fort Erie
My name is Trisha. I am a resident of Crystal Beach since December of 2010. My husband brought his Financial Planning/Chartered Accountant business from Niagara Falls to Crystal Beach because he loved the small town feel. Living on Lake Erie was a dream come true. My husband always told me he would never leave Crystal Beach.
On July 22, 2016, my husband drowned while swimming after entering the beach renovated by Marz homes near waterfront park.  Patrick was a good swimmer. At the time of his drowning, he was cooling off on a humid sunny summer evening.  There was no signage and no safety equipment at all on the beach despite there being dangerous and invisible currents present.

My entire world was altered. The lives of his four children were changed forever.  You can’t bring him back to me but you can help me prevent another family from suffering a gut-wrenching death by drowning in Crystal Beach 
I am asking the Town of Fort Erie to place signage at all public access points to beaches with potentially dangerous conditions warning of possible dangerous swimming conditions.  I am asking for a safety station with rescue gear and a ‘borrow a lifejacket’ program. Sherkston Shores in Port Colborne placed such signage at beach access points  and warnings of dangerous swimming conditions on their Facebook page. This is the least we can do to keep our beaches safe. 
It has been 21 months since my husband drowned and no changes have occurred.  Please help make swimming in Crystal Beach safer prior to the 2018 swim season for town residents and everyone who visits.  
I lost my best friend and husband and the father of four children to invisible and dangerous beach conditions.  Please do the right thing and help me encourage Crystal Beach to prevent this from happening to a visitor or town resident in 2018.