Arunbrook & Oakwood Meadows Complaint to DJC

Arunbrook & Oakwood Meadows Complaint to DJC

11 January 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Erkan IBRAHIM

Residents of the Arunbrook and Oakwood Meadows developments in Stanway are unhappy with the state of our communal areas and grounds, and are also concerned with the quality and regularity of the maintenance work being done by DJC Property Management Limited and their subcontractors. Residents are also unhappy that they are being charged for maintenance work that has clearly not been done, and demand more transparency from DJC around exactly what services residents are being charged for, and how often maintenance work should take place. In summary, residents expect to get what we are paying for and believe current costs are overinflated and unjustified with little to no governance.

With this in mind, we are calling for the following:

1. A full breakdown of charges for 2020 to be presented to residents immediately, including a schedule for all works to be done by DJC and their subcontractors. This should include specific visit dates and times and should also demonstrate that DJC have given consideration to the work that is and isn't required through each season. This should also include work that residents have previously identified as required to bring the communal grounds up to acceptable standards.

2. A meeting is arranged immediately to introduce the new Senior Property Manager to residents and discuss all issues with regards to the standards and maintenance of the communal areas and grounds. Residents expect for all issues to be logged by DJC and addressed before the end of March 2020. We also expect DJC to cover all additional costs for any works required to bring communal areas and grounds up to acceptable standards, and residents must not be charged any additional fees for remedial works to bring the development up to acceptable standards.

3. DJC to provide residents with copies of the specification sheets offered during the tendering process showing the full scope of work that DJC committed to deliver on the estate when they were awarded their contact to maintain the Arunbrook & Oakwood Meadows estates. 

4. DJC to provide residents with a full justification of your costs, including a breakdown of how all costs havd been calculated, the time spent delivering each service on the estate during 2019 and justification for management charges for 2019 and 2020.

5. DJC to confirm when the estate and all land transfers will be completed before the end of Jan 2020. Residents also expect to receive confirmation of the first AGM and the proposed agenda within this timeframe, and expect that at least one Director from the Oakwood Meadows Residents Management  Company Ltd will be in attendance.

6. Residents ask that DJC make the following available for residents to view: copies of contracts between DJC and the Oakwood Meadows Residents Management company, the job sheets agreed with all subcontractors and all invoices for work done by subcontrators during 2019.

7. DJC to allow all fees payable by residents to be paid via monthly payment plans with no added interest.

We as residents will give DJC until the end of March 2020 to bring the communal areas and grounds up to acceptable standards. This does not simply mean the physical appearance of the estate, but also the overall standard of services provided by DJC to the estate and individual residents. Deliverables and key performance indicators shall be idenfitied during the meeting/s with the Senior Property Manager and residents. If these deliverables are not met within this timeframe then residents will vote on whether we should remove DJC from the estate and find an alternative provider.




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Signatures: 36Next Goal: 50
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