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DJANEMAG is NOT related to DJ MAG & never was & DJANE is NOT a word for female Disc Jockey

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There is a female DJ poll since 2015 negatively & unrightfully influencing the market and industry named DJANEMAG, claiming to be from the UK, when in reality it is a group originating from the Ukraine, misguiding brands, promoters and clients in making them believe DJANEMAG is part of the established and creditable DJ MAG UK which caters 99% to all male top DJs in the world.

DJANEMAG however, placing own talents, mainly from the Ukraine, in top positions without a proper voting system and competitors or talents who didn't "sponsor" DJANEMAG in low positions on purpose and discredit their work.

Same as 9 out of 10 of the big famous artists would never wanted to be called a DJANE, this word is not the prescription for a female Disc Jockey and we also want to have this cleared. 

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