Add region switch option on Samsung devices

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Useless phone for 900$? How is it possible?

Dear friends, I used to be a big fan of Samsung. My old phone got broken, when I was in China and I went to the nearest Samsung shop and bought a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Brand new. Unpack, power on, select language, initial setup... Everything went smoothly. After a while I went back to my country, far away from China and noticed that.. China is not going anywhere from my phone. Briefing feed, weather forecast, Assistant, Themes, Samsung Pay... Every service becomes useless. You can't switch region, you can't add your bank card, you can't use Assistant, and then your phone turns into a pumpkin. You can take photos and make calls. I'm glad that this function is working fine. 

Somehow, Apple made a region switch option available and simple. You can switch while traveling around. 

I couldn't believe that Samsung thinks that if you bought your phone in China (or any other country), it means that you are a local person and you will never go abroad. Samsung software engineers can resolve this problem! Just let them know about it. Samsung has a great talented team, and I hope that they can resolve it and prove again their leadership on the market. 

Please consider that many people are studying or working abroad. If changing the region is not possible, at least, please add "second framework" option, like roaming for some features.

Sign this petition and let's make it fair for everyone!