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Stop mental harm to a child and discriminating against her rights.

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A child in 6th grade has been talked about by adults in front of other cheerleaders, as well as other parents and "staff" of DJD Cheer. The mother of this child was standing behind the "assistant coaching staff", and overheard them talking about her daughter.

The child was rewarded for her behavior over the summer by getting some fun colored stripes in her hair (purple and teel), in a headband shape on her head. After attending the first practice that night, she was told her color needed to be removed or she wouldn't be able to participate in the games and pictures. When they were informed the stylist couldn't get her in until Tuesday, they then photo shopped her hair for the group photo back to blonde. It is unknown at this time if her individual photo was also photo shopped or not.

After the stylist looked at her hair and consulted someone with twenty years experience, they had a huge concern on damage to her hair caused by trying to remove it, when it had only been colored a few days previously, and would naturally fade on it's own.

The stylist worked with the childs family to do styles that would hide much of the color, only leaving a faint trace if looked at close up. The child wore her hair to practice this way and was told it had to be removed by Saturday (8/25/12) or she wouldn't be allowed to cheer at the game.

The DJD staff openly admit that there was and currently is no rule on hair color in their program. After two parent complaints, they ruled she had to have it removed because she was taking attention away from other girls.

Comments have been made to the child in a negative fashion since the beginning of the season of this sport. Including but not limited to; that she should try scrubbing her hair with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.

The family had asked for a refund so they could use the money to put her in a different sport where she wouldn't be mistreated. They were refused a refund.

The child has spent time after practice crying, asking to quit, etc. Her family does not want her to feel that it is okay to quit something because someone is mean to you.

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