Bullet train or water ? Make your choice..Now!

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Climate change is not a new topic. Neither is the fact that it will directly affect every living being on this planet that we call home. Water scarcity has already started to be a major concern in many parts of India and the world and it is no more a dystopian scenario. According to a report, by 2020 a lot of Indian cities will bear the brunt of water shortage. One of the worst affected areas is Maharashtra which is already running short of drinking water. Amidst this grave situation, Maharashtra government has decided to graze 54 thousand mangroves to pave the way for bullet train from Mumbai to Ahmedabad. And we know that cutting down of trees is one of the major reasons which directly affect the water crisis. Though the transport minister of Maharashtra has said that the government will plant 5 times more trees to compensate for this loss, this destruction of trees need to be stopped right now! You can save hours on your journey but you cannot make up for lost lives. Please help me in this endeavour to stop this destruction.