Ban teaching of division in UK maths curriculum

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Following the Department for Education's guidance on setting the relationship, sex and health curriculum, major steps have been taken to protect children's minds from dangerous and divisive ideas, such as the criticism of capitalism.

However, more must be done. The teaching of division in mathematics, from Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 5, threatens to politicise our children into embracing an extreme, anti-capitalist stance.

Teaching kids how to share and distribute has propagated dangerous Marxist tendencies in the minds of teens for years. No wonder children are joining terrorist organisations like Extinction Rebellion en masse.

Teachers across the length and breadth of the UK are teaching children as young as 6 to share and distribute strong and stable whole numbers into weak, delusional fragments, or in extremist babble, 'fractions'.

Teaching kids how to split integers into equal parts risks radicalising students to embrace extreme ideologies: communism, anarchism, and too-critical thinking.

In times like this we cannot afford to breed division.

Act now. Sign this petition, and we can stop this madness. Click here, and write to the Department for Education to teach only addition and multiplication, (and subtraction in former colonies,) so that we can instil a healthy, natural, accumulative mindset in the leaders of tomorrow.