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Save the Lonsdale 'Chrysler' Signage

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This is to urge the City of Onkaparinga to approve a preservation order for the Chrysler signage that's been on the western façade of the old Lonsdale engine plant & foundry for the past 67 years (Give or take).

The reason? Because this represents a period of change & growth in South Australia that impacted on every other part of our country. In the early 60s, the then premier, Sir Thomas Playford, instigated changes from reliance on agriculture into a modern manufacturing centre, headed by GMH in the north & Chrysler (Later Mitsubishi) in the south. So many jobs were created by huge local & overseas demand that it became impossible to fill these positions., leading to a wave of immigration from, first Europe & later, Asia to keep pace. These migrants brought aspects of their culture with them, the best being absorbed & adapted to fit the new lifestyle, leading to our state's food, education, construction, leisure etc. cultures being among the world's best & establishing our reputation as a centre for innovation.

Now we are changing again with most manufacturing being sourced off shore. Preservation of this landmark represents a major part of our history & is worthy of being listed along with that of historic monuments, landmarks & trees of significance.

Best of all, there's no cost involved. The signage is there, looking the same as it has for decades. All the Onkaparinga Council has to do is ensure it isn't painted over.

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