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Petitioning Divest New York's pension fund from Private Prison Companies

Divest New York's pension funds from Private Prison companies

New York city and state pension funds have stock holdings in the two largest and sleaziest private prison enterprises in the country, Correctional Corporation of America (CXW)_ and the Geo Group (GEO). These notorious companies profiteer on misery via modern day trafficking. Both companies are deeply the subject of countless allegations of rampant abuse and mistreatment of their cargo. The companies rely on mass incarceration to maintain their profitability. New York state comptroller Tom Dinapoli and NYC controller Scott Stringer are considered two of the most progressive elected official in the state of New York. If that be the case there is no justification to profit on human trafficking. Its time to end mass incarceration in America and let it begin by ending of the private prison era. New York must take the lead. Sign petition and then call Comptroller Dinapoli 518-474-4044 and New York City Controller Scott Stringer 212 669 3747.


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  • Divest New York's pension fund from Private Prison Companies

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