Bike Lanes for Hardy Oak (and Stone Oak)

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Bike Lanes for Hardy Oak Blvd (and Stone Oak)

Sign this petition and demand Stone Oak be a model for the City of San Antonio in implementing safe lanes for bicycles.

Forget about the fact (for now) that San Antonio does not  require city streets to even have sidewalks, Per current city ordinance, it remains illegal for you to ride a bicycle on a city sidewalk.  

Though our neighborhood is easily within bicycling distance to schools, local shops, churches, friends, etc, There is NO safe way to travel via bicycle or other non-motorized vehicle along Hardy Oak Blvd and most of the Stone Oak neighborhood streets and for that matter, within the entirety of San Antonio City Council District 9, Now represented by John Courage.

A bike/run/walk lane is simply the obvious solution - City leaders have neglected residents for too long by not completing this easy fix --ADD BIKE LANES! for our children, families, individuals (including those with disabilities). 

The city continues to place riders into unnecessarily dangerous road conditions --- not to mention, we are unwittingly encouraged to violate local ordinance by riding on the sidewalk.

Did you know you could receive a citation for riding a bicycle on a city sidewalk? - It's True

City of San Antonio (Code 1959, § 38-52)
Sec. 19-286. - Driving or parking on sidewalks prohibited. 
(a) It shall be unlawful for any person to drive or propel or park or stand any vehicle upon any sidewalk.

(b) Law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel while using bicycles provided by governmental agencies and while in the performance of their authorized duties are exempt from the provisions of subsection

(c). Any person, while parking a bicycle in city installed bike racks, is also exempt from the provisions of this section.

(Code 1959, § 38-54; Ord. No. 53243, § 1, 1-15-81; Ord. No. 88129, § 1, 7-23-98)

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