stop the DEAD BODY STORAGE BILL in Virginia - Senator biased by his business

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Senator Kenneth C. Alexander of Virginia, a funeral director by trade, is trying to pass a bill that would require "any person or institution that has initial custody of a dead human body to ensure that the dead body is maintained in refrigeration at no more than approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit or to enter into an agreement with a local funeral service establishment to store the dead body." 

This is an affront to the Home Funeral Industry and all of those who are walking away from the Funeral Industrial Complex and welcoming more natural, and greener, ways of preparing the dearly departed. 

The reality is that the aim of refrigeration is cooling, and cooling can be achieved through means other than refrigeration. Limiting folks to only one form of cooling limits the options of families and small home funeral businesses. Refrigeration at or under 40 degrees is not feasible in a home setting because few families have a walk-in refrigerator in their home. But cooling at or under 40 degrees at home is easy and effective.

Requiring specific behavior as described in this bill in a private home constitutes governmental overreach into the private lives of its citizens. Moreover, under this law, families in Virginia may retain the legal right to care for their own, but will be unnecessarily impeded in their ability to do so, adding up to a de facto restriction of their fundamental rights.

Requiring unplanned expenditures in the thousands of dollars to meet a scientifically and medically unsupported law places an undue financial burden on the citizens of Virginia.The alternative to this requirement for refrigeration is the forced hiring of a professional (like the Senator) for thousands of dollars, compelling citizens to spend money for goods and services they might not otherwise have considered, don’t need, and don’t want. 

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