Fix the Evergreen Centre parking lot

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The new Evergreen Centre parking lot is no longer safe for drivers or pedestrians.

There are very few curb cuts for any of the Sooke population that uses wheels (ei. strollers, walkers, wheelchairs, scooters). There should be one leading from the BC Liquor Store to the partition to cross safely to Shoppers Drug Mart.

The lack of the curb cut to Shoppers Drug Mart, and there new ramped area to suffice patrons that need it, is atrocious! It is at too much of an angle. What was wrong with the old curb cut?

The new opening leading to A&W makes it hard to see any pedestrians crossing the parking lot. (I personally have almost been hit 3 times so far by drivers speeding down the new opening without looking). Pedestrians (esp. of shorter stature or in sitting positions) can not see cars until they are in the driveway.

The drive way between the partition and the BC Liquor Store is too narrow for two cars to safely get past and there is no 'no through' sign for people leaving the parking lot.

It needs to be re-done, and they need to take a poll and get comments and consult a LOCAL accessibility professional before they do it. So they can build it to suit our communities needs. Not a cookie cutter parking lot design that makes things worse for everyone.