Included Rural Saanich on Garden suite Regulation change

Included Rural Saanich on Garden suite Regulation change

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Please sign this petition to let the District of Saanich know that Rural Saanich wants to be included in the detached garden suite proposed regulation changes. Current the district of saanich is not including rural saanich. A lot of the properties in rural saanich already have detached suites but are illegal and unable to rent out and have to be left vacant due to bylaws. 

Why Rural Saanich needs to approve detached suites:

"...there has been growing community interest in having a garden suite to help offset a mortgage with rental income, house a family member, or provide an accessible living situation."     from

We in rural Saanich are keen for these same reasons!

1.We all want to keep the rural nature of where we live. But family sizes have shrunk and many properties in the UCB have only two to four people living on them.

2.Residents need help on their properties and with today's large mortgages more families are buying properties with family members e.g. parents or siblings.

3. Residents want intergenerational living and would like family members to live on the property with them. Help ageing parents or or children go through college or university.

4. Suites help seniors and empty nesters stay on their properties longer and be less isolated.

5. We know that people can build monster homes in rural Saanich and have numerous adults, all owning cars, living with them. How is that less harmful than having a modest garden suite to house someone?  Put a square foot limit on combined home and suite to stop folk paving over paradise - instead of forbidding suites.

6.Saanich already allows rural properties that are in the ALR and have farm status use 20% of there agricultural buildings for bed and breakfast or guest houses more modern term is Airbnb. But excluded the properties outside the ALR.

7. An estimated 270 plus illegal detached suites already exists in rural saanich but unable to rent the ones that are visible from the road due to one community member that feels the need to self police the neighbourhood calling bylaw even though the illegal suites is not negatively impacting them in any way.

8.Urban containment cannot be achieved by forcing people out of Saanich and into commuting from Duncan, Mechosin and beyond. That is what is happening, including to family members of rural Saanich home owners. This adds to greenhouse gases, forces young parents to drive hours a day instead of being with their children; adds to traffic, pollution and stress for those forced out.

9. We know that the vast amount of traffic in rural Saanich is caused by through traffic. On its way from Sidney to Costco, Langford to the ferries, Saanich to Hartland, Victoria to Keating industrial zone etc. A few people quietly living in suites is not going to be a radical change to traffic.