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Helping parents address the subject of rape with their children

I know I have shared so much about the Stanford Rape. The why - I was sexually molested when I was 14 in an apartment building elevator. I felt that it was my fault so I didn't tell anyone until I was 17 when I confided in my bestfriend in High School. I was too afraid to tell anyone prior to that, including my parents. I have always told my daughters,who are grown women now,to come to me immediately if anyone tries to hurt them.It is very important to have an open dialogue about this in the home so girls know they have a safe haven with their parents. I didn't feel safe to confide in my parents so he got away and probably did the same type of molestation to many other girls. I am speaking out now so that victims know that it is NEVER the victims fault and she should not feel shame,blame or guilt to expose the truth It is very important for victims to speak out as this brave woman in the Standford Rape case spoke out with so much dignity and courage!!! Jenni Paul

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