Safety improvements for Dunn Lake Road, Clearwater BC!

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"One of the worst roads in the whole province." "I dread ever going there again." "Something needs to be done and fast before it claims a life." "It is very unsafe and will only get worse."

These are the kinds of comments the citizens of Clearwater BC, East Blackpool, and surrounding areas make in regards to a treacherous road, frequented by residents and tourists alike. 
For decades Dunn Lake Road has been a source of frustration and - in winter months- dread due to it's poor, sloping construction, and complete lack of any safety precautions beyond a small cement curb at one short stretch. Even that took a Provincial Petition to accomplish, 20 years ago! 
This blatant ignoring of basic safety for both residents and visitors has gone on long enough. The old excuse that there are not enough people living on this road to make safety upgrades "worthwhile" will not stand any longer. This road is not only the only means of reaching home for residents of this area, BUT it is ALSO access to Dunn Lake recreation and tourism, AND the only alternative road for HWY 5 should that ever get shut down for any length of time.

When a school bus full of children drives this road twice a day, it can not be considered a "back country road" that does not deserve adequate daily maintenance and safety precautions. Are the lives of children who happen to live in central Clearwater more valuable than the lives of the children who live in East Blackpool? So far that is what the District of Clearwater and the Minister of Transportation have been telling us, by way of their refusal to provide adequate maintenance and safety precautions. Will it take the school bus full of children going over the edge before they take notice?!

* More frequent and higher standards of road maintenance by Argo Road Maintenance Ltd; once a day plowing and a 'token' light strip of sand up the middle of the road during winter will not suffice.
* Immediate installation of a curb barrier along ALL portions of road which feature a drop off/cliff on one side, preventing any further incidents of vehicles losing traction and sliding off the road and down the cliff side.
* Re-grading and re-paving of the road so that it no longer slopes toward the OUTSIDE edge (cliff), but rather the INSIDE edge. To be undertaken as soon as weather allows.

Please show your support by signing and sharing this petition. At 500 signatures we will be bringing this before all related authorities, including the Provincial Government. We will not stop until positive changes are made.
Thank you!