Road safety on Knute Way Brentwood Bay

Road safety on Knute Way Brentwood Bay

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Claire Meadmore started this petition to District of Central Saanich

To whom it may concern,

We are writing you in regards to a very concerning and ongoing road safety issue. We live on Knute Way in Brentwood Bay, the road is a dead end with a turning head. The road also contains two access trails to Brentwood Elementary, an access trail to Marchant Road, a licensed daycare and numerous children and pets.
The families that live on the road and take advantage of the ‘quiet’ cul-de-sac life have children ranging in age from infants to teenagers. These families enjoy such things as hockey, bike riding, chalk art, basketball and many other activities on the streets.
We have built wonderful relationships with each other and enjoy spending time visiting with each other, our children and our pets.
Unfortunately we are no longer feeling safe to let our children play in our own yards let alone on the road due to the growing issue of traffic and speeding.

The access point to and from Brentwood Elementary and Marchant is not an issue, we would not like to see these closed. These trails allow families to stay off of the main roads where sidewalks are limited. These access points are also convenient to the community for park and field access and school pickup and drop off points.

Our road has become busy, there are many cars that park on the street making vision limited, a child could dart out at any point. We have also noticed an increase in vehicle speed and busy times of the day (morning and afternoon pickup and drop-off) make the traffic volume high, therefore the turn around area and the rest of the road have become unsafe.

We have taken matters into our own hands by placing signs and cones on the road. We have also asked individuals to slow down with no noticeable change. We have also voiced our concerns to the district multiple times over the last few years and haven’t seen any change. It has come to the point where someone is going to get hurt.

These are the changes that we would like to see. 
- Speed Bumps at multiple locations
- A speed limit lowered to 20 KM/h
- A cross walk from the Brentwood School trail access to the Marchant Road access
- A School Zone or a Park Zone sign at both access points

It has come to our attention that there will be some road work happening within the next few months. Please consider adding these requests into the work order.

Thank you for your time and consideration, 
The families of Knute Way and those who utilize the road

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