"Help Chikmagalur Contain Covid-19" ... Star Hotels & Resorts have to be Closed too!!

"Help Chikmagalur Contain Covid-19" ... Star Hotels & Resorts have to be Closed too!!

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Covid pandemic is fast spreading in Karnataka. Chikmagalur is a popular tourist destination known for its scenic mountains and beautiful nature. Tourists from all over the world love to visit and get rejuvenated.

The damage COVID-19 has done to us is profound. Many have lost loved ones, businesses are struggling and the impact to our day to day lives has been profound. That said, things could always get worse. More people could lose their lives, more businesses could close. In this context, to prevent potential disastrous outcome, inconvenience seems like a small price to pay.

It is a welcoming move by the Chikmagalur Administration recently to instruct all Homestays to be closed. This has greatly helped in preventing tourists flocking Chikmagalur and spreading Covid19 disease to locals. 
Unfortunately the Star hotels & Resorts are still continuing to function saying the Government order is not applicable to them. This is unfair and illogical as tourists are visiting them and continuing the spread of Covid19.

We request your support in asking the concerned authorities to keep ALL resorts, Lodges & homestays to remain closed to guests. This will be the safest course of action for all concerned
Please sign this petition to urge local administration to act on this immediately.

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