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Rockdale District Attorney's we demand you drop charges against this innocent woman who have been accused of several counts of 1st degree forgery from DeKalb County, Georgia.


In 2007 Mrs. Logan started working for a company where she was loved and respected. She was a faithfully worker and got alone with her co-workers. In May 2010 Ms. Logan was release from employment from her boss whom was very disrespectful, rude, unprofessional and hard to work with. He fired her based on "poor performance" because she no longer would do what she complained about that was not in her job title according to GAAP regulations and company policy.


A little history about her boss Mr. Muliro: He came from Greensboro, NC where is was employed 1 year with The Housing Authority before coming to Decatur, Georgia Housing Authority in 2009. Once he released her in May 2010 from employment he moved to New Jersey to another Housing Authority in June 2010. Mr. Muliro mentality was very strict and rudely. In the beginning he did not get alone with majority departments within the company. Mr. Muliro would speak to employees as if you were a child with his rude loud voice. He didn't respect them as adults. All changes within the department were made. For example: Employees couldn't close their office door, eat in their office, have conversation with co-worker, and could no longer have lunch in the office. Etc. The morale of the department was destroyed.


The Case:


Ms. Logan was terminated from her position for "not performing" her duties in May 2010. On October 2010 she gets a visit from the FBI on allegation of Forgery (checks) within the company of The Housing Authority. WOW! Could you image leaving a company for one thing and 5 months later you are being charge for other things?


Mrs. Logan is now being accused of 1st Degree Forgery on several accounts. She gets arrested, aired on the news, charged with 2 warrants, and jailed for 3 months for a crime she didn't commit. Could all this have happen to Mrs. Logan because she knew about all the corruption that was going on within The Housing Authority?




Mr. Muliro still getting questioned about company budget and finances. He is no longer at this Housing Authority. Always over budgeting to fulfill his needs within the company.


Company Corruptions: Executive Directors


Ms. Logan helps with an internal audit and found all this and more corruptions with upper management. She even sent an email to Executive Director of possible fraud. That's when it seems all trouble started.




The checks printed were authorized by a manager.


Ms. Logan had no software access to print checks from her computer.


Ms. Logan had limited access to accounts payable system.


Check register shows printed checks.


Company system can prove person who approved printed checks.


Company system can prove who entered check request in system.


A letter from someone at The Housing Authority sent papers that were being destroyed in reference to this case. The sender sent some documents that were to be destroyed to DA office, Ms. Logan and Public Defender office.




This case should be dismissed based on lack of evidence.


The chief DA didn't want to trial the case and passed it to his colleague.


The new DA last comments in court of May 2012 were to dismiss current charges and re-indict on new charges.


After no court appearance in almost a year, April 2013 she appears for arraignment on new charge that has not been determine.


The DA is trying to find something to charge her with lack of evidence. Ms. Logan case needs to be DROPPED so she can continue to serve the community.


Recently a woman with similar charges receives 90 days in jail. Ms. Logan is facing 140 years.


Please sign and share this petition to have this case dismissed. Ms. Logan deserves to raise her young son without him having the fear of being without his only parent.




Letter to
District Attorney's of Rockdale County, Georgia Attorney Richard Read
Cheif Assistant District Attorney Attorney Robert Houman
Public Defender Office Mark Hines (Public Defender Office)

We demand charges to be dropped against Mrs. Logan. These charges prove she have been falsely accuse of a crime to cover up the mess of higher level officials within the company. She plainly was a woman who did her job and complained when it was not related to state GAAP Regulation and company policy and procedures to do.
This case has been a huge disadvantage to Ms. Logan and her family. In spite of the charges she faces, she still serves the community of Rockdale County and other surrounding areas. She has a non-profit organization that mentors to youth and young adults. Ms. Logan remains in contact and reach out to adult woman who was/is incarcerated within Rockdale County Jail. She maintains her innocence in these matters and also prays this case is dropped so she can focus on further empowerment within her community.
Ms. Logan is changing lives in the State of Georgia and she has the support of the community. She is a single woman of 3 children with 1 being under the age of 18. Although she is facing years away from them, she still remains loving and peaceful toward others. She is truly an access to the community of Rockdale County. She serves faithfully in 2 local churches and feeds the homeless as often as she can since 2003.
I pray Rockdale hold on its credibility and not send this innocent woman away because another county mess up. Please reconsider your position in charging Ms. Logan.