Justice for Victoria Rickman - Protect Women Against Sexual Abusers

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Victoria "Tori" Rickman is a sweet woman. On Sept. 13, 2013, she was attacked and forced to defend herself against a man with multiple arrests and a history of sexual battery. She is wrongfully being held in custody, and needs our love and support.

On September 13, 2013, Victoria Rickman was attacked and sexually assaulted in her own home. Her attacker, William James Carter, was a man with an extensive history of arrests, including having previously been charged with sexual battery. Victoria was forced to defend herself after her attacker had already raped her and was threatening to do it again. She has unjustly been charged with murder and is currently being held in the Dekalb County Jail. Not only has Victoria been unable to heal from this traumatic event, but her entire life has been taken away. Most importantly, her 10 year-old{Now 13 years old) son is without his mother who he so dearly loves.

Victoria and William had previously been in an on-and-off, "toxic" relationship, spanning over multiple years. She was continuously subjected to his abusive behavior, both physically and mentally, yet William always found a way to control and break her down. Both text messages and emails of William threatening to kill Victoria have been presented to District Attorney's office, yet the DA has managed to over-look William's abusive history

Victoria Rickman was raped, forced to defend herself, accused of murder, separated from her son, and is being held in an environment she does not belong in. Furthermore, the media has played a major role in her fate thus far, as they have smeared her name by spreading lies and false accusations.

Victoria is a good kind-hearted woman, a loving mother, and an innocent victim.

Justice for Victoria

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