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District Attorney Craig Ladd: Give permission for search warrant needed to search the Nipp property for any evidence that leads to the findings of Colt Haynes and Molly Miller

It has been brought to my attention that there very likely has been an injustice done in Love County concerning the investigation of the disappearance of Molly Miller. She has been missing for three months, and the family asserts that there has been misconduct in this case's investigation, as a prime witness in the case is a relative of the acting Sheriff. This person has allegedly not been brought in for questioning due to his relationship with the Sheriff and currently there are people wanting to help find Molly, but who need access to the property of said witness. A warrant is needed, and apparently the local DA and Sheriff will not support the attainment of said warrant. The family is desperate to find their daughter and also a young man, Colton, who was last seen with Molly and is also missing. I implore you to use your influence to help bring justice in this matter and closure for these families. PLEASE, help.

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  • District Attorney Craig Ladd

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