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Move Start Date for District 86 to August 18th

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Recently in schools across the country, the starting day of the school year has been moving into the summer months. Currently, the starting date for the 2017-2018 school year in Hinsdale District 86 is Friday, August 11th. This will have many repercussions including losing valuable family time, hotter school days and increased stress for our students. Education is a necessity to thrive in an ever-changing world, however, having an adequate break from the classroom is equally important.

Although this may require adjusting the current schedule, we feel that allowing students more time during the summer for summer jobs, family vacations, and stress-free time will benefit them greatly during the school year.

Employers are more likely to hire high school students when they can commit to a full season. Having a job over the summer is not only an important learning experience for teenagers, but studies show that students who hold jobs in the summer months are more likely to have better-paying jobs after college. For many students, money earned from summer employment can make the difference in being able to go to college or buy clothes and supplies for the next school year.

August is the traditional vacation month in many parts of the country, and with most states beginning classes in late August or after the first of September, many families will have to forego traditional August family get-togethers and reunions. Students will also miss out on valuable learning experiences gained during summer explorations, mission trips and educational summer camps that are offered in the first weeks of August.

For athletes, initial football, tennis, soccer, and other "fall" sport practices will be forced to begin in mid-July and early August, where the heat index hovers around 85 degrees. This temperature makes practices intolerable and unsafe for students in our district as well as intruding on family time and summer camps.

Within our conference, August 11th is the earliest starting date, with the next being August 16th. Moving the starting date back will help us line up with feeder schools and other schools in neighboring communities and our conference.

We are asking our school board to consider making the adjustment to the 2017-2018 calendar, as it will benefit all member of the community. Please sign if you agree and support this change.

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