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As residents of South Beach neighborhood and San Franciscan's we respectfully request that our Mayor, District Supervisor and Port Authority find resources and means to keep Pier 38 in operation. We fear that without such provisions for Pier 38,once closed, it will, like Pier 36, undergo a decade of decaying beyond the possibility of any repair. We understand that there are safety issues with Pier 38 that need to be addressed; and we believe in the ability of San Francisco to do the right thing for waterfront, South Beach and all San Franciscans.

It is key to keep the building in operation and generating revenue in tough economic times. It is a home for many profitable businesses that employee many San Franciscans. Also, Pier 38 serves as access to the water and could in the future, even better serve our boating community.

Closing Pier 38 would be a big loss for all of us.


Letter to
District 6 Supervisor Jane Kim
San Francisco Mayor Edwin M. Lee
Port Of San Francisco Executive Director Port of San Francisco, Monique Moyer
I just signed the following petition to Save Pier 38

Stop the Closure of Pier 38. Keep it in operation

Pier 38 is an important part of the South Beach community and is a vibrant force providing jobs, business customers, access to the Bay, and maintains a vital local asset.

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