Keep the 4 Period School Day at Bemidji High School

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This petition regards the motion before the school district to switch from a 4-period to a 6-period day at Bemidji High School for the 2021-22 school year. We, the undersigned, urge the school board to investigate all other solutions to the budget deficit before making changes that will negatively impact our education and the reputation of our school.

The change from a 4-period to 6-period school day would offer Bemidji High School students two less credits per year (6 instead of 8), amounting to 8 less credits over the course of our high school education (24 instead of 32). This change would drastically decrease the amount of electives students can take.

The excellent selection of electives and the opportunity to try many different things draws students and families to the high school and to the area. We want Bemidji High School to continue to be a hub for performing arts, engineering, mathematics and music in an area where many schools do not have the same opportunities. A recent study found that participation in extracurricular activities improves overall academic performance. These activities are not just fun, they build real skills that make us better students, professionals, and community members. 

In the past there have been committees assigned to determine which schedule is most beneficial for students at Bemidji High School, and they have found that the 4-period school day is the best schedule for students at our school. 

We ask that the school board take the time to examine all other options before reducing opportunities available to Bemidji High School students.