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Our beautiful, NEWLY renovated Sean’s Place is overridden by an enormous mosquito population that has driven away children, their caretakers, and other members of the community who otherwise love the space and used to visit regularly.

Sean’s Place is one of the few local playgrounds with a DEDICATED baby section, for children under the age of two who cannot walk. The low level structures on the baby side are indispensable for the use of these members of the community. 

We, the members of the Astoria community, request that the Department of Parks and Recreation locate the source of the problem and remediate same (ie: defective drainage of the sprinkler system creating puddles of standing water). If this issue is not fixed, Sean's Place loses its purpose as stated by Councilman Costa Constantinides at its reopening in November 2017, as "an open space for families to play and experience nature". We lose a playground vital to our neighborhood. Many families have already stopped coming to Sean's Place due to the mosquito infestation.  

Please sign this petition if you or anyone you know is or will be affected by this problem.