School bus continuation for Ashwood Park Elementaty school children

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Peterson elementary school and District 204 have announced that the school bus transportation for elementary school children residing in Ashwood Park community would be discontinued starting August 2018.

However residents of Ashwood Park would like to dispute this decision for following reasons:

· There are still homes in construction and few more homes are planned for construction in year 2018.
· Not all sidewalks are constructed as of June1st 2018 and although the sidewalks may be constructed by the start of school year 2018-19, there are still heavy construction trucks moving around in the community
· It is still extremely hazardous for a child aged 5-10 years old to navigate through the construction equipment and walk to school.
· We feel that the district is jumping ahead ,may be for the sake of cost cutting, and putting lives of young children at serious risk. Nobody would like to lament an injury or potential loss of life of a young school child.
· School parking lot has only one defined space for car dropoff and discontinuation of school transportation significantly increases the vehicular traffic in the community during busy times making walking for kids much more hazardous

Keeping above points in view, AP residents would like to request the district 204 to continue the bus service until all construction in the community is 100% complete.


Ashwood Park residents. 

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