Emerson Park Kids for #FRY & #SCULLEN Schools

Emerson Park Kids for #FRY & #SCULLEN Schools

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Emerson Park started this petition to District 204 Boundary Committee

Emerson Park kids for Fry and Scullen:

We want to voice our opinion of the people of Emerson Park Naperville on the new boundary concepts by RSP.  Emerson Park community is located at the intersection of the 95th street and Wolf crossing and south of 91st street. This is a townhome community with people of diverse culture and different economic abilities.  At present, students from this community attend Fry Elementary, Scullen Middle, and Waubonsie High School.

In concept 1, our students are getting uprooted from Fry elementary and Scullen middle and mapped to White Eagle elementary and Still Middle school.

While in concept 3, we are being mapped to Still Middle school discontinuing Scullen Middle School, friends and families.

Emerson Park residents want to take the opportunity and oppose the change as they strongly feel that the governing criterions set by board is not maintained and violated. Our residents feel that the following criterions are not considered for our residents:

•         Criteria – 9: Students Impacted by Boundary Change: Minimize the disruptions and transitions of students.

                With the pandemic our kids are off the chart stressed and still taking time to acclimate to the new normal. Uprooting our kids from their school friends and adapting a new environment is going to add immense stress and impair their progress.

                Community is seeking to know the measure and metrics that the board has have taken to evaluate such stress that our student is going to face.

•         Criteria – 7: Neighborhoods Intact Ensure subdivisions are maintained in a school’s attendance area. Utilize natural divisions between neighborhoods as attendance line.

                Emerson Park community is located at the south of 91st street, near the intersection of the 95th street and Wolf crossing. So, based on the boundary rules, the community should be aligned with Ashwood Crossing /Ashwood Pointe, NOT with White Eagle community.

Community residents are looking for perusal to relook at the boundary assigned and perform the adjustment as deemed necessary.

•         Criteria – 10. Transportation Considerations: Ensure transportation systems are considered, including appropriate bus routes, time students spend on a bus, and logistics.

                Community students currently travel distance of 1.2 miles for Fry Elementary and 2.3 miles for Scullen Middle School. With the proposed changes travel for our community students is going to increase around 240% for White Eagle (2.9 miles) and 140% for Still Middle(3.3 miles). Doubling the travel for our community students does not justify the aforesaid criterion.

•         Criteria 8. Projected Enrollment/Building Utilization: Ensure enrollment at each school is within an efficient building capacity for educational programming in that school.

Furthermore, with proposed concept-1 the projected utilization White Eagle and Still Middle school; is evident to be more than Fry/Scullen. Thus, it doesn’t make sense to moving our community kids from Fry/Scullen.

•         Concept 3 notes, suggest that south of 91st street is a break between Waubonsie and Nequa

                Emerson Park is located to the south of 91st street, still being mapped to Waubonsie and NOT Nequa High school.

                Community residents are requesting the board to appropriately adjust the boundaries to the       rules set originally.

Emerson Park residents believe that this change for the community is not going to work for the best interest of the students and is going to impact the psychologically and physically. Thus, community residents are humbly seeking board efforts and endeavors to let the Emerson Park community students to continue their current schools.   

Thank You,

 Emerson Park Residents

0 have signed. Let’s get to 200!
At 200 signatures, this petition is more likely to be featured in recommendations!