Single Stalled Gender Neutral Bathrooms in HHS open to the student body

Single Stalled Gender Neutral Bathrooms in HHS open to the student body

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President of the District 158 BOE Anthony (Tony) Quagliano

Why this petition matters

Started by Mackx Mize

In Huntley High School, the "policy" regarding gender-neutral bathrooms is limited. Students who seek accommodations related to gender identity and bathrooms are expected to reach out and talk to their counselor in order to get permission to feel comfortable using the bathroom. Along with having to reach out, students are not even made aware that accommodations are there for those who need them. 

HHS should change its policy as well as open up gender-neutral bathrooms that are available to all students and staff. 

By signing this petition, you are helping the ever-growing diverse population of students that HHS holds. You are also helping students feel safer and more comfortable coming to school, having a place they can feel accepted and not called out because they have to use a staff bathroom. 

The reason using the staff bathroom is a problem is because only students who get permission can use the staff bathroom. This is an automatic call out to students and it can easily out (exposing someone's gender identity) those and cause other issues. 

Having a gender-neutral bathroom open to all of the student body will be beneficial because it will not call out students and will limit the long walk to the one gender-neutral bathroom available to students who need it. 

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195 have signed. Let’s get to 200!