We want Disney movies on Blu-ray in Portugal.

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After Disney did not released the movie Cars 3 in blu-ray in Portugal, the same happens again with the movie Coco. Faced with this situation, Disney just said that sales in our market did not justify the launch of Blu-ray. First they removed from the Portuguese market the steelbooks, then the films in 3D and now the blu-rays. And do not forget that if the sales here are weak, it´s Disney´s fault, who stopped launching any special edition in Portugal, forcing the Portuguese consumer to buy special editions in other countries.

But the worst of it, is that Disney stopped providing the Portuguese version in other countries as well. They do not want to invest in our market, that's fine, but at least give us the chance to buy the Portuguese version in other countries. Excluding us from any purchase option is inexplicable and a lack of respect for the Portuguese consumer.

In short, in the era in which 4K begins to gain ground, Disney removed the Blu-ray from the Portuguese market, any option to get it in other countries and we are given an archaic format, which no longer should be in circulation.

With this, I hope that Disney reconsiders this attitude since, contrary to what the figures show, there is a market in Portugal for blu-ray, as long as they do not deprive us of the special editions (steelbook, digibook). Or, at the very least, I wich they put Portuguese subtitles in the foreign blu-ray editions, giving the Portuguese consumers the possibility to acquire the films in physical format in other countries. In that way, we all win.