Disney store to give an equal share amount in their limited edition 17" tall dolls.

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I am fed up of disney store taking no notice of peoples comments on the facebook pages about low amounts of their 17" tall limited edition Disney dolls for Europe. It seems the lower the amount the more we get, but the higher L/e amount the less we get, It's time to stop.

Also it's time to stop unfairness in release dates as it used to happen then stooped, but now disnye store are starting this up again, why should the rest of the world be treated any differentley.

The latest Mulan doll is 5500 and europe only getting 1051, why? and why the 1 extra. Then if  you total up the population of USA/CANada, it almost totals the entire population of Europe including all small Europe islands that Disney store ship to within distance of that specific country. It's about time we had near half share at least, you should either make 5500 for usa/can etc and 5500 for Europe or share the amount fairly and equally. It's almost discriminating that we are still given less than a quarter of the full quantity, and half of those are going into shops, leaving only a few hundred left for on-line purchase. Considering most of us can't get to those busy city's where there are also sold, it is unfair and causes you Disney store more chaos with the website it's always the same old story with Europe, but you never change it, but now it is time to change, we are fighting back!