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Release Southeast Asian and Pacific Islands dubs of movies in physical format

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Home media release of any foreign movie in the Indonesian and Malay languages is extremely difficult if not impossible to find and in additon, many of these dubs are only made for television over in said regions without any kind of home media release. The result is that for collectors and people residing in these regions it is extremely difficult to obtain said dubs without some kind of connection to someone who has recorded said dubs or are able to view them locally.

India and Sri Lanka also have this problem with many dubs getting only a home media release in Hindi and not into Tamil, Telugu, Marathi, Malayalam, Punjabi etc. even though there may be releases of these movies into said languages via television ("The Lion King" is a good example, which has gotten dubbed into many Indian languages but without a physical release). The Philippines and Vietnam also tend to not release dubbed movies in Tagalog and Vietnamese when movies do get a release in those languages.

To date, "Wall-E" is the only Disney movie to have a physical Indonesian release, and even then it is only in the Hong Kong Blu-ray release. Disney's "Tarzan" is the only foreign movie to have a Malay dub that is physically available. 

The latest victim of this disturbing trend seems to be "Moana", which got a Tahitian theatrical release but no physical release afterwards. It also deals with the same problems with the other languages listed above.

As a collector of several movies I understand how difficult it is to acquire dubs in general but especially from these countries and regions with this issue. Please sign this petition in order to (hopefully) make a change in getting dubbed movies physically released in Indonesia, Malaysia, India, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka.

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