December 7, 2020
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Started by Maddie Goins

I will go ahead and start this with a trigger warning for sexual assault.

Ms Marvel is a comic series about diversity and inclusion. This is not being portrayed in the casting of the series on Disney+. 

Edit: I will add about Matt Lintz, as I have seen a post on a Twitter account I believe to be his since I have posted this petition. He said he is not a Trump supporter, but he also calls himself a kid who doesn't know enough about politics to speak on it. But he is 19 years old and lives in a fairly liberal metropolitan area so idk I'm younger than him and live in a very rural area and here I am speaking up for what I think is important. I don't want to accuse him of being something he says he is not so I've removed where this said he is a trump supporter. 

Yasmeen Fletcher and Zanobia Shroff have not done anything particularly wrong, but Disney and Marvel have cast them as characters that they do not represent. Nakia, played by Fletcher, is a Muslim girl who wears a hijab, which Yasmeen is not. Shroff is Indian-American and plays Kamala’s Pakistani Muslim mother.

The worst of all is Andrew Brodeur. He has multiple Title IX allegations against him and still continues to be cast in major projects, not only on Disney+ but Netflix as well. He was kicked out of his college and there are multiple sexual assault allegations made against him as well as accounts of making young girls extremely uncomfortable, one girl being 15 while he was 20. I will link those tweets here as well. This man does NOT need to be around children. 

Disney and Marvel need to rethink their casting choices and take responsibility for their actions and recast. #FixMsMarvel




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Signatures: 150Next Goal: 200
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