Help get Yehaa Bob Jackson rehired back to Port Orleans at River Roost Lounge!

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Disney is laying off 28,000 employees. Unfortunately, Yehaa Bob Jackson is one of them. He has been let go after 23 years with WDW! Bob has brought so much joy, fun and togetherness to so many families, friends and others for these 23 YEARS! I have read comments where people are so upset over this and kids have actually cried for Bob's return. For those of you who don't know Bob, he is the entertainer that plays the piano and gets everyone singing together and provides tons of nightly fun and laughter at the lounge located at Port Orleans. Please join me and forward this to anyone who may be interested in signing this petition. Maybe, we can help Bob get rehired for a few more years. I cannot imagine going to Port Orleans and not seeing Bob there. Let's try to provide Bob with some hope that he has given to so many others! WDW needs to step up and provide Bob with the remainder years he had left to retire and let us continue to beam with joy when we see him perform! Thank you for your support!