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Good Luck Charlie was a family comedy show starring a family of 6 that would only grow bigger by the end. The show ran from April 4, 2010 to February 16, 2014. Each character apart of the family, in the neighborhood, guest stars, etc, were very dynamic and diverse. This show told the story of this big loving families’ life but, also each characters’ individual stories along with their friends’ and neighbors as well. This show is nostalgic to all the kids now teens who watched it. Please bring Good Luck Charlie back!!!! We miss Bob and his exterminating powers, Teddy with her boyfriend troubles, PJ with his cluelessness, Gabe with his troublemaking and pranks, Toby and Teddy being adorable, Amy being her center of attention, vibrant, and all over the place self! We miss all the wonderful characters of this show and what this show gave us. WE NEED A GOOD LUCK CHARLIE REBOOT IN 2019!!!! KIDS OF THIS GENERATION NEED TO SEE THE GREATNESS OF WHAT GOOD LUCK CHARLIE WAS!!!!