Girl Meets World: Answers

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"Girl Meets World" is a show created by Michael Jacobs that premiered on the Disney Channel in 2014. The show acted as a re-boot, a sequel, and a spin off to "Boy Meets World"-which was also created by Jacobs- before wrongly facing cancellation in early 2017. 

Once the news of the cancellation hit, fans banded together to save the show and began contacting streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime in hopes that one could obtain the rights to the show and produce a fourth season. Fans were aiming for an outcome similar to when the Mindy Project was cancelled, and later picked up by Hulu, or when just this year, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was cancelled on it's original network, and picked up by a new one within days of fans' protests via the internet. 

After months of silence, fans of Girl Meets World received some disappointing news from Michael Jacobs when he sent out a tweet letting fans know that he could not find a new platform for the tv show to exist on. We can only assume that Disney Channel refused to release the rights to the show, thus putting an end to the concept of the show existing on another platform. 

Ideally, the outcome of this petition would be a Girl Meets World season four. However, a Disney Channel movie, a book, or even an in-depth Twitter Q&A about the future of the characters from the show's creator would suffice, and hopefully contribute toward tying up the loose ends we were left with as viewers.

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