Bizaardvark Wizard of Oz Themed Episode

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Since the Disney Channel show Bizaardvark was renewed for a 3rd season this year, I would figure that I cooperate with an episode which would make progress. Here's the story for this petition.

When I've watched both seasons, they were really amazing and somehow I had a thought after seeing one of the episodes. That thought was: A special episode of Bizaardvark with a spoof on The Wizard of Oz and I already got the name Ozaardvark last year with characters from the show [like in the picture above] for the roles. It would be funny & enjoyable for viewers and fans everywhere.

We see that in some TV shows past and present has some references to the movie [quotes, themes, etc.] and all because it's legend in movie history, but this one would be great for fans of both Wizard of Oz and Bizaardvark to watch whether a half-hour or 1 hr. special like they’ve never done before. If I can help Disney Channel make that happen, then so can you 'cuz we enjoyed the show since then.

I don't care what people say about the show or its stars, it's a great one and we can hope for an episode like this to occur unless we do something about it together. This would also work without 2 of the show's developers Josh Lehrman & Kyle Stegina since I've learned that they left, but it'll be okay without them 'cuz we can always remember that in the first place, it was they who made the show from the beginning.

Just think: Amelia, Paige, Frankie & Bernie going somewhere over the rainbow and down the Yellow Brick Road. If they're going to make some videos, Oz is the perfect place to do it and there's no place like home for Bizaardvark.

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