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The new Disney Princess designs have feminized, modernized, romanticized, and Americanized the Disney Princesses in a way that not only portrays some princesses in ways that are inaccurate and offensive to the character, but are also offensive to that character's ethnicity, and force a pretty, girly image onto young girls who like those princesses because they let them know it's okay not to be girly and feminine, like Mulan and Merida. The new dresses are sparkly and girly and along with the new hairstyles and faces, represent the cultures and clothing of the times and places these characters lived in in a way that is inaccurate, stereotyped and possibly offensive. This is especially visible in the cases of Pocahontas and Mulan. If Disney doesn't change the new princess designs, they will likely have a negative effect on young children, enforcing feminine and racial stereotypes in a way that Walt Disney would definitely not approve of.

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Disney Guest Services The Walt Disney Company
Change the new Disney Princess designs to better represent the cultures, personalities and ethnicities of the Disney Princesses without being offensive or enforcing stereotypes.

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